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We work with banks that are not subsidiary of your home country bank groups. This greatly enhance privacy and secrecy

Our clients, who use the Bank Introduction Service, are not required to visit the bank in person

Account features:

24 hours / 7 days On Line Banking
Strong bank secrecy and privacy
Allows you to send and receive international payments SWIFT
Multi-currency (EUR, USD , GBP, etc. )
Visa/Mastercard ATM International debit cards
Visa/Mastercard Credit Cards (optional)


Minimum deposit requirements: 1000$



Who can open a Vanatu bank account?

Everyone can open an account at a bank inVanatu. However, banks reserve the right to reject customers. For example, a bank might refuse to offer banking services to a so-called “politically exposed person” who the bank believes would pose a “reputation” risk if he or she were to become a client. A bank might also refuse to start a banking relationship if it has doubts about the origins of the potential client’s funds. Vanatut banks are forbidden by law to accept money which they know or must assume stem from crime or any illegal activities.


How can I open an account from my home country?

Vanatu banks have procedures concerning the opening of accounts, irrespective of the domicile of the customer. In line with Vanatu laws governing “due diligence”, the bank must verify the identity of the customer on the basis of an official document (e.g. a passport and confirmation of residential address).


Can you open the account without having to visit the bank personally?

Of course, many of the accounts  we support to open do not require the physical presence of the owner.

Can an account by opened anonymously in Vanatu ?

No, that is not possible. Banks follow so-called “know-your-customer” rules which require staff to identify the person opening an account and, where necessary, to establish the identity of the beneficial owner. Incidentally it was the banks themselves who drew up the extremely strict, internationally recognized rules for verifying the identity of their clients as a deterrent to money of criminal origin.


Does bank  secrecy shield criminals?

No. Bank customer confidentiality has never been absolute. Saint Vincent banks are obliged, for example, to disclose information in criminal proceedings against their clients. This is an absolute obligation, regardless of whether the offence was committed in Vanatu or abroad. Compared with other countries Saint Vincent has always been very successful at combating organized crime and money laundering. Saint Vincent is one of the cleanest financial centers in the world.


What means certificated/notarized documents?

Certification means that a bank official, cpa, attorney at law, notary public, attests that the documents are true. As example, for each documents he writes:  “I hereby certify this is the true copy of Mr. First Name, Last Name”. This comes with signature, date and professional stamp

What documentation will the bank want to see?

As mentioned above, Vanatu banks are obliged to verify the identity of a client. The bank will want to see official identification papers such as a valid passport or an equivalent official identification document containing a photograph. The bank may also ask for documentation that can prove the origin of your funds, such as the contract for a house sale, a statement from a foreign bank, a receipt from the sale of securities, etc.

What questions will the  bank ask me?

First of all, the bank’s staff will certainly ask questions to fulfill the bank’s legal obligations with regard to due diligence. This will include asking for proof of your identity and also establishing the identity of the beneficial owner of the assets if you are depositing funds on behalf of someone else. The bank’s staff might also ask about the origin of the funds and the nature of your professional business and they will also want to get an idea of your usual financial transactions. In order to offer you the best advice, the bank will also ask about your future plans, for example, whether you intend to buy a house, start a business, retire, etc. If you are asking the bank to manage an investment portfolio they will also ask how much risk you are willing to accept. In short, the more the bank knows about you, the more it can tailor its advice and service to your individual needs.


Is the opening guaranteed?

Yes the opening is guaranteed or You will get 100%MoneyBack. Read Terms&Condition

How long does it take to open an account?

From few working days up to 3 weeks.

What are the fees applied by the Vanatu?

Cayman Island banks have competitive fees and higher interests rates  compared to the banks around the corner

How can I withdraw money from my  bank account?

ATM card and credit card valid in all the world.

 Can I open a Vanatu bank account as a non resident ?

Sure , almost all our clients are non-residents. We have clients in many countries.

I’m Indian (south african, brazilian, etc,etc) citizen, can I still open the  account ?

Yes, you can.

Do you have a Vanatu offshore bank account? Should you pay tax?

If you receive savings and investment income from abroad, you will usually need to declare this on a Self Assessment (SA) tax return. You may have to pay  Income Tax, but if you’ve paid foreign tax on the income you may be able to offset (deduct) this.

Does the Saint Vincent bank account have on-line banking?

Yes all account have on-line banking 24 hours/ 7 days always available.

Can I close my Vanatu account whenever I wish ?

Sure There are no restrictions when it comes to closing an account in Offshore countries. You are free to close your account if you wish. The procedure is immediate and cost-free. Of course, if your money is invested, it generally takes a few days to liquidate positions, but even so, no one will prevent you from withdrawing your funds or charge you a financial penalty.

Which Vanatu bank will account be opened with ?

We have a large network of banks in Offshore countries.

Many of which have been in operations for over 100 years. Our company will select the bank with the best conditions at present from a permanently updated list of banks with the best price-ratio. We work with banks in all categories. Which bank is right for you depends on many factors, such your country of tax residence, where you reside, eventual treaties of exchange information that have been signed, how much you plan to deposit and what kind of operations will you perform with funds.

Can I choose the Vanatu bank ?

Yes you can choice bank. We do not, however, give out the names of the banks before you actually pay in full an order. Each account we offer can be opened with different  banks in the same country We select the bank that suits better the client needs and minimum deposit requirements. We do not offer “mass product”. We select the banks with the best conditions at present from a permanently updated list of banks with the best privacy&security policy.



Account Opening Procedures & Requirements

Opening an offshore bank account via distance banking is slightly more cumbersome when compared to opening a domestic bank account, considering one actually walks into a branch when opening a domestic bank account. As one of the oldest professional offshore banking service providers & incorporation agents on the web, we have relationships with major offshore banks and financial institutions around the world, and stand ready to assist you every step of the way during the account opening process.

Generally speaking the procedure to open an offshore bank account consists of properly preparing and submitting the following documents:

Notarized copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and/or Articles of Association (for corporate accounts)
Certified copy of your government issued passport (for both personal and/or corporate accounts)
Original Utility Bill (for both personal and/or corporate accounts)
Bank or professional reference for the account signatory (for both personal and/or corporate accounts)
Completed banking applications and forms which we provide and assist in completing

Bank Secrecy and International Cooperation
Bank Secrecy
108 Does it have a statutory basis? Yes [Notes]
109 Sufficient powers to obtain and provide banking information on request? Yes, but major problems. [Notes]
110 No undue notification and appeal rights against bank information exchange on request? Yes, but major problems. [Notes]
111 To what extent are banks subject to stringent customer due diligence regulations (FATF-recommendation 5)? Partially. [Notes]
112 To what extent are banks required to maintain data records of its customers and transactions sufficient for law enforcement (FATF-recommendation 10)? Largely. [Notes]
Information Exchange
113 Number of Double Tax Agreements (DTA) with provisions for 2002 OECD-style information exchange? 26 [Notes]
114 Number of Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEA) 0 [Notes]
115 Number of Information Requests Received? 271 [Notes]
116 Number of Information Requests Fulfilled? 194 [Notes]
117 EUSTD participant: Automatic or Withholding? Automatic Information Exchange [Notes]
Judicial Cooperation
118 Will mutual legal assistance be given for investigations, prosecutions, and proceedings (FATF-recommendation 36)? Largely. [Notes]
119 Is mutual legal assistance given without the requirement of dual criminality (FATF recommendation 37)? Fully. [Notes]
120 Is mutual legal assistance given concerning identification, freezing, seizure and confiscation of property (FATF recommendation 38)? Fully. [Notes]
121 Is money laundering considered to be an extraditable offense (FATF recommendation 39)? Fully. [Notes]
122 Is the widest possible range of international co-operation granted to foreign counterparts beyond formal legal assitance on anti-money laundering and predicate crimes (FATF

Financial Secrecy Index