To compete and survive in today’s globalised markets, multinational businesses must keep up with the accelerating pace of tax, legislative and regulatory developments around the world. At the same time, challenges such as new business models, liquidity concerns and evolving information technologies make the efficient management of a business on a global scale more complex than ever.

An effective international tax planning strategy will considerately reduce your tax liabilities; the right tax advices and international corporate tax planning can minimize your tax liabilities!

However, international tax planning is a complex field, especially when different jurisdictions are involved. There are many fundamental issues to consider before establishing the optimum corporate structureS.

Without professional advice, unexpected tax problems can arise easily causing serious alleged crimes

We offer a comprehensive knowledge of worldwide tax and government regulations to every engagement. Clients benefit from responsive service and innovative tax ideas that help them take advantage of cost-saving opportunities and reduce their tax liabilities.


  • Advice on all aspects of International Tax issues
  • Choice of the most appropriate Holding localization
  • Advice on CFC (controlled foreign corporation) rules
  • Advice on Transfer Pricing rules
  • Corporate Tax Planning & Fiscal Engineering
  • Dividend distribution consulting
  • Home and host country tax compliance assistance
  • Recovery of foreign tax credits
  • Tax litigation
  • Assistance with EU business
  • VAT Consulting for EU Transactions
  • Customs Duties Consulting & Advice
  • Intellectual Property rights advice
  • Home and host country tax compliance assistance
  • Structuring compensation arrangements to minimize income and social security taxes
  • Representation before, and negotiation with, tax authorities
  • Policy design, implementation and administration
  • Applications for reimbursement of foreign tax
  • Comprehensive tax planning of expatriate assignments
  • Property Tax Advice



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