HSBC Swiss subsidiary helped wealthy customers dodge taxes and conceal 180.6 billion euro of assets.

HSBC Swiss subsidiary helped wealthy customers dodge taxes and conceal 180.6 billion euro of assets.

Recovered by the tax authorities in 2009, databases stolen by Herve Falciani are anonymous at first glance. Between banking secrecy and assigns hidden behind front companies in Panama and the British Virgin Islands, the French customers could feel protected. The bank itself did not seem more concerned about it, assuring them that these tax schemes made them invisible.After several shots sieves, 120,000 lines of the file, The ICIJ said details of the clients had been obtained from more than 200 countries. It said 11,235 were based in Switzerland, 9,187 were in France, 8,844 were in Britain, 8,667 were in Brazil and 7,499 were from Italy.

According to data of Le Monde, of EUR 180.6 billion would be passed, in Geneva, on the accounts of HSBC more than 100,000 customers and 20,000 offshore companies, between November 9, 2006 and March 31, 2007. A period corresponding to that of “Falciani list “, the archive dell’informatico French who provided the data to the tax authorities of thousands of tax evaders stolen from his employer. Over 5.7 billion would have been disguised by HSBC in tax havens only on behalf of French customers. In lists, that tomorrow will be disclosed, are among other arms dealers and drug users, financiers of terrorist organizations, politicians, stars of show business, sports stars or famous industrial. All eager to conceal their belongings to the IRS. In this intent, would be “encouraged” by the Executive Committee of HSBC to better hide their money away to offshore structures, usually based in Panama or in the British Virgin Islands.
Investigation ‘spectacular and unprecedented, “with” figures that give the dizziness “: the French newspaper Le Monde anticipates the contents of the first part of an investigation that its specialists have carried between Paris, Washington, Brussels and Geneva, on the trail a vast system of tax evasion accepted and encouraged by the British bank HSBC, according to the World bank group, through its Swiss subsidiary HSBC Private Bank.
Le Monde, which investigates the scandal HSBC since its origins, says he had come into possession of data bank on a global scale for the  years 2005-2007, showing a gigantic fraud on an international scale. Among the VIPs interested, Le Monde anticipates the names of the French actor Gad Elmaleh, mate Charlotte, daughter of Caroline of Monaco, the king of Morocco, Mohamed VI, the American actor John Malkovich. Waver, according to the French newspaper that part of a consortium shares the investigation with sixty international media, the top bank of half the world.

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In maxi-investigation worldwide, explains Le Monde, were mobilized 154 journalists from 47 countries, emissaries of 55 average. HSBC Private Banck, the political and judicial authorities in Switzerland since the lawsuit contesting the figures of the French tax authorities and justice, in addition to the lawfulness of the use of the data, remember, come from a theft

HSBC said the Swiss private banking industry, long known for its secrecy, operated differently in the past and this may have resulted in HSBC having had “a number of clients that may not have been fully compliant with their applicable tax obligations.”

Its private bank, especially its Swiss arm, had undergone “a radical transformation” in recent years, it said in a detailed four-page statement.

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