What are the best offshore jurisdictions and How to choice between them?

This depends on the type of activities carried out by the company.

In any case, you should be aware that the rules are constantly changing and what was fine until yesterday could be deleterious today.It is important to request a consultation where we will settle all the key factors for your best choice:

  1. Nature of business or assets in the enjoyment
  2. Goals of the customer
  3. Tax residence of the beneficiaries.
  4. Eu savings tax agreement: the aim of this Directive is to tackle cross-border tax evasion by creating an information exchange system for tax authorities.
  5. Tax Information Exchange Agreements ( TIEAs ) / Double Taxation Conventions ( DCT s), even if different, those are tax treaties, based on OECD models , providing for the exchange of tax information beetween signatory contries and conventions against double taxation
  6. Mutual legal agreement treatment ( MLAT ) is a treaty internazioneale that allows the exchange of legal information between states.
  7. New OECD Automatic exchange of information.
  8. Anonymity  of the  registers of beneficiaries / shareholders / directors
  9. Political stability / economical and financial

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